Our Policies

Advance reservations are not
required in order to set up an
outdoor or indoor booth.

You may simply come to the market and be assigned a booth space any Sunday year-round, rain or shine. We are closed Easter and Christmas if it falls on Sunday.

Set up time is anytime from 6-8am.

Just come in to the office or
restaurant and ask for Sandy.

Please note your rent payment is required at the time you receive your space. One (8) foot table is provided; additional tables are $3.00 each.

You may bring your own tables if
you prefer. Our buildings are
equipped with air conditioning and heat and you will generally have access to electrical power at a fee of $1.25 to $5.00 per day.

However, we do not permit any
coffee pots, electric heaters or air conditioners of your own in your booth area!




The information on these pages are for merchants that wish to rent space at the Silver Moon / Rt. 15 Flea Market.

You may reserve an outdoor booth by pre-paying on a monthly basis. Monthly reservations are to be pre-paid before the month starts. Booths which are unpaid by then will be declared “open spaces” for the following month. If you are not in your reserved booth by 8am and your booth is empty, it will be rented to someone else with no refund.

We like the market to be open and ready for business by all vendors by 8am and continue to be in business until 4pm.

It is solely your responsibility to possess and maintain a current Pennsylvania sales tax ID number and to collect any and all taxes on your taxable sales. A tax number is not required if you sell non-taxable items. Examples of non-taxable items would be clothing or pre-packaged food items. You are also responsible for any liability insurance or any other forms of insurance necessary to cover your equipment, employees and/or items in your booth area.

You may leave items in your pre-paid booth from Sunday to Sunday but at your own risk.

However, everything must be removed at the end of business on spaces that are not pre-paid. Any frames for outside tarps or overheads must be secured by weighted leg stands and frame poles placed on the blacktop must rest on a 2” x 2” base plate or something so the poles do not go into the black top creating holes.

Your selling area must be kept neat and clean of litter and trash throughout the selling day. Please sweep your stands monthly, more if needed and take all empty boxes or other unwanted items with you when you leave. Vendors who leave trash or debris will be charged a $25 clean-up fee the first time and asked to leave the market if it happens again.

Produce vendors must take all leftover food & garbage with them. If produce is left in your space, an additional fee will be levied.

Hawking and/or voice amplification equipment will not be permitted, and any music must be kept low as to not disturb your neighbors.

Vendors are required to park in their outside assigned space. If you choose not to park there, you must park away from the vendor area and you will be charged an extra $5.00 to $20.00 fee. We ask that indoor vendors park along Rt 15 in the paved area to allow customers closer parking spaces. NO parking in the loading zone at any time except to load and unload! And, limit your time so other vendors can unload also. Have your items ready to go before moving your vehicle to the loading zone.

Vending of any prepared food items requires prior management approval with Liability insurance of a minimum one million dollar coverage and a food handler’s license. Grocery items are welcome without such requirements.

The sale of counterfeit trademarked goods, any firearms, illegal fireworks or explosive materials, flammable materials, alcoholic beverages and pornographic materials are strictly forbidden.

Our market is open every Sunday year-round, including winter and all holidays that fall on a Sunday except Easter & Christmas. However, this does not affect the monthly rates. If you choose not to pay by the month, you will be charged a weekly rate and your space made available to someone else by the month.


Rental Rates & Information

The following outlines our rules, regulations and some general overview information for the Flea Market. In an effort to serve vendors more efficiently, we ask you follow these rules and regulations listed below.

Rentals are final and are non-refundable and no credits given. Monthly reservations for the remaining portion of a month may be made anytime at our pro-rated daily rate.

Ongoing monthly renewals are due by the fourth Sunday of the month prior.

Corner sizes vary and rent as double booths.


Booth Sizes

Inside- Building ‘A’ (10 x 6 ½”); Building ‘D’ is (9 x 7), Building ‘F’ is 8 x 8.

Outside- Blacktop and middle space area (18 x 18); corner spaces (sizes vary).

Along Building ‘A’ there is a long area also available, size (10’ x 29).

Please note- all booth sizes are approximate.


Booth Rates

from November 15th to March 15th.

Indoor: $32 per space, per Sunday / $25 per space per Sunday if paying for all Sundays in that month in advance.

Yearly rates are available, giving you 4 Sundays FREE & are payable as a one-time fee per year. For this, you will receive (4) Sundays free! One 8’ table is provided at each space, $3.00 rental fee for any additional tables, $2.00 rental fee for chairs and are available at the main restaurant. You may bring your own chairs and extra tables as long as all items are within your assigned space.

Electricity rates will depend on your usage and it ranges from $1.25-$5 per Sunday.

Be sure to bring an extension cord.

We accept cash, personal checks and all major credit cards for payment.

Returned checks will be charged a $35 fee.


Rate Summary

Indoor- annual basis with lease paid by 1st of month- $108.34 per space; month-to-month basis,$25.00 x the amount of Sundays in that month paid by 1st of month. Weekly basis, paid prior to each setup- $32.00 per space. Space sizes are 10 x 6 ½. Space prices vary on other space sizes.

Outdoor- annual basis with lease paid by 1st of month- $121.34 per space; month-to-month basis,$28.00 x the amount of Sundays in that month paid by 1st of month. Weekly basis, paid prior to each setup- $35.00 per space. Space sizes are 10 x 6 ½. Space prices vary on other space sizes.

If there is inclimate weather, you can be assigned a space inside if available.



We take reservations over the phone during the week. Inside reservations are held until 7am unless pre-paid. Outside spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis unless pre-paid.

Inside spaces for November and December will not be reserved without payment in advance and you are only guaranteed a space in December if is paid for the entire month.


Booth Payment

Booths are sold on a pre-pay basis. For existing vendors, in order to keep your current booth location you must pay for the booth(s) in advance. All monthly payments are due by the first Sunday of each month. A $25 fee will be charged if payment is not made by the 15th of each month.

Please make checks payable to and mail your check to:
Silver Moon Flea Market or Rt. 15 Flea Market
150 Silvermoon Lane
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Cash payments can be made at the office on Sundays from 6am to 5pm. Other days by appointment.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR BAD WEATHER inside or outside. Vendors who are outside may move inside if space is available.


Set-Up & Tear Down

All vendors must stay within boundaries of your assigned booth space. Please do not display merchandise in the aisles. Do not apply tape or use tacks or nails into the drywall.

Use the wooden strips on the walls instead. Lattice and/or peg board may be used with management approval. Some display areas cannot go higher than 6 feet without approval from management. Set-ups on Sundays start at 6am for both indoor and outdoor merchants. Indoor loading zones are provided to assist you with unloading your merchandise but after you are unloaded, please move your vehicle to a parking space, not the customer parking area right outside the sidewalk.

Please advise your employees to steer clear from parking there. You may still unload your merchandise there but please do so in a timely manner and move your vehicle before setting up your booth. We ask you keep unloading and loading time to a 15 minute maximum in order for others to also utilize these handy areas. When loading out on Sunday evening, please have all merchandise packed and ready to put in your vehicle before moving your vehicle into the loading zone.

DO NOT BLOCK LOADING ZONES! For fire & safety reasons, we will not allow vehicles to stay parked in the fire lanes. Any vehicles in violation of this will be towed at the owners’ expense. Keep the loading zones open during the day for customer pickups. Outside vendor vehicles must be left in their space during the busy seasons. If you choose not to put your vehicle in your space, a $5.00 to $20.00 fee will be charged to you and your vehicle must be parked in the lower parking lot. NO VEHICHES ARE TO ENTER VENDOR LOTS BETWEEN 9am and 4pm. ALL VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO STAY UNITL 4pm.

In the event of an emergency, please notify management of the reasons for leaving early. You will be escorted out (safety reasons from management ). Give any family members not at the market this phone #: (570) 412-7113. A restaurant employee will notify you via the intercom to come to the phone or they will get the message to you. Do not use the office number during the week, use phone #: (570) 568-8080 to leave a message; it may not be received until the weekend.

Tear down can occur a few minutes before the closing time of 4pm according to weather, but we want you to stay set up until 4pm since that is our official closing time.



Change will be available at the restaurant from 6am till 4pm, if you need change to conduct your business. An ATM machine is available at Silver Moon Antique Mall.


Merchandise Restrictions

There are no pets allowed in the buildings, except those that are for sale at any pet stands. Dogs are not to be sold or given away at any Flea Market or auction. Selling any pet food must have prior management approval. Food vendors must carry liability insurance and the Flea Market must be listed and a copy must be kept on file yearly.



According to the PA Anti-Smoking ACT Law (Senate Bill 246), there is no smoking permitted in public buildings.


Miscellaneous Information

All vendors must stay within the confines of their booth space. In the unlikely event of a small fire breaking out, take notice of the nearest fire extinguisher located at the doorways. YOU MUST KEEP ALL WALKWAYS & AISLES CLEAR! This is an important fire department and insurance requirement. Feel free to call or come in to our office to ask questions at any time. We will consider any and all suggestions given to management.

If you have any problems or complaints, please discuss them with us. The Silvermoon / Rt. 15 Flea Market manager is on the grounds or in the office during all business hours and will be happy to speak with you. During other weekdays, phone for an appointment.

See Sandy for further info on space and payments.